About Us

We have many years’ worth of experience in providing help for any fire and flood damage in London! Our main aim is to ensure that fire and flood damage is repaired effectively, taking the time to understand exactly what it is that needs doing and how we can best do that for you. We can save you the lengthy process you may have dealing with others for your fire and flood damage in London.
Alpha Building Restoration is an incident response organisation based in London and the surrounding areas. We are specialised in mitigating damage, delivering a 24 hour emergency service in response to fire damage, water damage and mould damage. Our services stretch from upholstery cleaning and sewage blockage to fire restoration and structural drying.

The Alpha Building Restoration team are highly experienced so there is never an need to use subcontractors. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and our superior level of customer service. Due to the knowledge that our technicians have achieved from attending the educational program at The National Flood School, and the experience they have gained during the years of practical experience in their field, we are able to always guarantee an exceptional level of service and customer care.
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